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PSS Procurement

Start-up airline or established carrier looking to change. We can ensure you get the best value system.

New Skies Consulting

Provide expert support for Navitaire New Skies. Our consultants have high level New Skies skills

ATPCO Fare Filing

We have a small expert fare filing team for all your ATPCO fare needs or just to review and advise

Revenue Management Support

We can provide experienced revenue management analysts to ensure you can optimise revenue. Our team have AirRM, PROS and other experience


GOVPORT is a innovative product to provide all your government messaging needs. Perfect for charter, private jet or airlines without PNRGOV, APIS or APP solutions.


Traditional messaging is not centralised and it is very difficult for airlines to see all messages relating to a flight. RAMPS solves this with a unique flight based portal for all messages

Practical Consultants for real problems

Tomoken helps your solve your immediate needs as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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