A comprehensive digital technology that allows airlines & GH’s on-the-go access to all operational messages for flights

As global air travel resumes, Airlines & Ground Handlers at airports across the world will be faced once again with the huge challenge of coordinating complex flight itineraries, and the incessant demand for rapid turnarounds and agile fleet management. Operational message types such as Type-B SITA, ARINC and email are critical, but many Ground Handlers depend on outdated, manual processes to manage those information flows. The time is right to embrace technology that enables a more efficient, automated approach.

RAMPS is a fully digital, data-driven solution that offers comprehensive support through increased visibility, real-time communication and a centralised database for accuracy and efficiency. With our technology, delays are reduced, operational processes simplified, and passengers benefit from a superior travel experience.

Guided by airport or airline schedules, RAMPS enables the processing of operational messages by individuals across any location on a network. Passing data to the Resource Management System, RAMPS operates from a centralised database meaning data is accurate and accessible. This improves efficiencies on an individual and organisation level, allowing ground handlers to focus on delivering excellent service.

With intuitive customisation features, the set-up is tailored to each service provider. Using long-term cloud storage options, users can immediately retrieve data on specific ground operations, including aircraft category and type, total weight, weight per hold, number of bags in each hold and special cargo. RAMPS also offers full visibility on onboard numbers, unaccompanied minors right through to passengers requiring special assistance and VIP.

With a fully digital design, RAMPS allows access to critical passenger processing and back-office applications without the need for physical, manual storage and inefficient paperwork. User logging and reporting are built into the system ensuring greater levels of accuracy and visibility.

So how does RAMPS work?

The RAMPS centralised database is accessible from anywhere in the world and contains real-time operational updates. With immediate and easy access to secure, accurate data as and when they need it, ground handling staff can refocus their time and efforts on delivering exceptional customer service.

RAMPS How it works. Aviation Operations Solutions

RAMPS: Key features

  • Centrally located database for improved visibility and accuracy

  • Fully digital storage to allow for paperless operation

  • Multiple security features and content encryption for unparalleled security

  • Available on desktop, mobile and other internet-friendly devices

  • Simple infrastructure for complex operations

  • Embedded reporting function

  • User account and timestamp records for action tracking

  • GDPR ready