PNRGOV transmissions for critical government passenger information requirements for Airlines

Governments are faced with the ongoing challenge of effectively managing border control and traveller identification. In order to meet this need, the messaging standard PNRGOV was created for the processing of passenger data for all global flights and has become an essential law enforcement tool.

Passenger data must be collected by airlines up to 72 hours before check-in, complemented with travel route information and then transmitted to border control authorities at both the departing and arrival country – for every single flight. Operators are faced with the challenge of multiple requirements and the associated costs and complexities that regulate how this passenger data should be managed.

GOVPORT provides a solution that delivers Operators with an automated, cost-effective PNRGOV solution for all their passengers.

With GOVPORT, you can track all passenger data through a dedicated web portal, while benefiting from multiple security features that keep data both secure and GDPR compliant. Set-up is quick and easy taking usually between just 6-12 weeks. Tomoken’s team of experts will guide you through the process and contact with Governments at the right time with the right data. There is an initial fee to get the solution up and running. After that, you can choose to pay ‘per flight’ or a monthly fixed fee price, depending on flight numbers.

The GOVPORT solution combined with Flight Register’s deep, specialist industry knowledge and expertise ensures a smooth integration for this critical piece in your airline’s government passenger data compliance.

So how does GOVPORT from Flight Register work

  • GOVPORT can connect directly with your main airline booking system or use the data from a standard digital datasheet collecting all passenger and flight data.
  • Each and every update to passenger data is quickly recognised when either the data is uploaded in the booking system, or a new file is sent.
  • GOVPORT automatically sends a PNRGOV message to each government as the schedule requires, before departure and as soon as the aircraft takes off.